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Apply solid design methodology and engineering creativity to work that is experience-driven, innovative, and fun. I love multi-disciplinary teamwork and tackling all sorts of interaction design problems.


User Research

  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Directed Storytelling
  • Card Sorting
  • Surveys

Usability Testing

  • Think-Aloud
  • Heuristic Evaluation


  • Contextual Des.
  • User-Centered Des.
  • Personas & Scenarios
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Storyboards
  • Wireframes
  • Sketching


  • JavaScript/JQuery
  • ActionScript 3
  • Java, C, C++
  • openFrameworks
  • OpenGL
  • Arduino
  • Python

Adobe Suite

  • After Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Fireworks
  • Flash/Flex

Other Tools

  • Balsamiq
  • UnrealEngine
  • MS Office Suite
  • Visual Studio
  • Net Beans IDE
  • Eclipse


8/2009 – 8/2010

Carnegie Mellon University

Masters of Human-Computer Interaction

8/2000 – 6/2005

Tennessee Technological University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering


1/2010 – 8/2010

American Institutes for Research (AIR) Web Presence

Project Coordinator, team redesign of the web presence of AIR

  • Applied a user-centered design process and delivered two in-depth reports, a demo video, and a working prototype
  • Performed contextual inquiries, directed storytelling, and interviews with a variety of stakeholders
  • Designed and usability tested wireframes, iterative prototypes, and models for the site’s information architecture
  • Responsible for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the final prototype
4/2010 - 5/2010

3D Radiance Tracer

  • Developed an installation at which visitors could paint with lights with real-time feedback and interact via tangible sensors
  • Employed multiple webcams, a laptop PC, an Arduino microcontroller, openFrameworks, and multiple sensors
  • Visitors created 3D light forms in space using a “bullet time” effect
  • Most popular sensor: hitting a coffee can to reset the image

Letter Boxer

  • With 3 team members, designed a mobile application for the elderly to enjoy a simplified version of geocaching within their community
  • Responsible for refining our persona and scenario and creating an interactive Flash demo
9/2009 – 12/2009

MTurk: Task Desirability Optimization

  • We delivered recommendations to optimize acceptance rate and quality of work for research human intelligence tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
  • Performed contextual inquiries and summarized findings using flow, cultural, and other contextual design models


2/2007 – 8/2008

Epic Games - Cary, NC

Engine Team Quality Assurance

  • Provided support to artists and programmers working with the company’s proprietary video game engine (UnrealEngine, UnrealEd)
  • Successfully upgraded editor documentation; initiated creating scripts to automate work processes, resulting in a substantially improved workflow
  • Achieved an outstanding performance evaluation and raise for my dedication, expertise, and willingness to work overtime hours in order to complete projects for the company