AIR Website Redesign

With a team of four, I created a new web presence for AIR that addressed key user needs and was easy to navigate and attractive. This 7 month project was the capstone course for my masters degree.

MY JOBS: project coordinator, user research, design, wireframes, & more

Letter Boxer

In a team of 4, I created an application that hoped to seamlessly meld the old with the new. Letterboxer is a fusion of the once-popular hobby of "letterboxing" with the latest technological advance of the iPhone.

MY JOBS: persona, sketching & ideation, interactive demo

3D Radiance Tracer

I designed and developed this installation at which visitors interactively sketched with lights and interacted via multiple tangible sensors. Using multiple webcams, people could create 3D light forms in space.

MY JOBS: design, implement, demo, document

Other Design Projects

I've always enjoyed making something that looks good. Recently I've focused on developing my sketching and visual design skills. This is a gallery of assorted projects for print, video, and the sketchbook.

MY JOBS: layout, sketch, implement, critiques

Interaction Prototypes

Most recent projects I've designed and programmed for fun and practice.

MY JOBS: design, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, ActionScript